The worldwide Online Education industry or else called E-Learning is estimated to be worth over $48 billion according to some conservative estimates. The most important enabler for its growth is the developments of Internet, video and other multimedia technologies having five main sectors “Consulting”, “Online-Content”, “Software Technologies”, “Online Services” and “Online Support”.

Many Highly recognized Universities, Colleges and Schools seem to move towards “Blending Learning” establishing a new Trend for others to follow. Blending Learning is a form of E-Learning, which combines computer-based activities with practical, or classroom based situations.

Online Learning or else called E-Learning seem to be valuable for companies or education providers that have students or staff across the world or in different geographical areas.

As an example: companies with large and spread out distribution chains utilize E-learning methodologies and practices to educate or inform their staff as to the latest business developments.

With the cost of E-learning tools falling, more schools and businesses keep adding online courses and other forms of distance learning courses to their due to the significant reduction in operational costs and high margins.

We at Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) offer a number of services to assist companies and educational providers create a blended mode of study or make a smooth transition into E-Learning in order to sustain their competitive advantage, get international exposure, lower their operational costs and grow on a global basis.

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