Renewable Energy

Alternative energy sources or renewable energy will represent the only way of fulfilling energy demand. Clean technology & renewables (such as photovoltaic, vibration energy harvesting, piezoelectric, bioenergy, solar power, wind power and smart grids) will be the future of global energy generation and transmission infrastructure.

In a world wide scale, the population growth and rapid economic development will increase the demand for electricity to a level that will not be able to be met by the current energy supply structure.

New government regulations will need to be in place in order to secure future energy supply taking into consideration the rapid changes to the energy demand. In addition, tighter regulations on reducing CO2 emission will limit the ongoing use of fossil fuel power stations.

Companies and Public Organisations looking to deliver renewable energy projects must consider

The current energy strategy and what the market needs.
The advantages and disadvantages of each technology and which technology to favor.
Their new strategy of how to plan, finance and implement their renewable energy projects.
How to optimize the supply chain in order to drive their costs down.

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