The most successful strategies are those that are entrenched with the main corporate strategy, as opposed to separate, detached strategies. Following this pattern Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) believes that by developing and designing your strategies like that you will ultimately amplify their value and be in a better position to concentrate on the opportunities offered as well as the challenges and risked faced.

Operations strategy has a vertical correlation in your business and horizontal one with the other functional strategies, most particularly with the marketing strategy. The Operations Strategy might need to be formed while designing the top-down or bottom-up processes and procedures of your organization and their related strategies. Similarly, it might be developed driven from your market requirements (i.e. market-led) or driven by your organizations resources, skills and capabilities (i.e. operations-led). Therefore the nature of your organizations operations strategy depends on your organization’s needs and ultimate business goals and objectives.

In simple terms, the operations strategy is the driver used to define your company’s methodology of producing high quality goods or services.

Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) offers Superior Operational Planning which involves hands-on and state-of-the-art use of tools and methodologies in order to endorse the right strategy for your business. Our approach ensures closing the gap between your corporate strategy and successful implementation.

Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) are experts in building “The bridge” to make your corporate strategy into a successful realisation.

Operations Strategy Solutions – Our Offering

We make sure your business goals and objectives are converted into clear defined, realistic outcomes and well calculated tactical plans while associating the implementation processes and procedures to your company’s value proposition, ultimate business goals and objectives.

We specialize in operational strategy subcontracting where we evaluate your business model, internal and external ecosystem and merge our skills and successful process to design an incomparable operations strategy, which will include measurements and control points made-to-measure your business needs

Our methodology assists our clients to proactively plan against their rivals, eluding missteps that might compromise the mission. Our business is built on producing successful solutions for your needs and assisting you in implementing them.

Our approach is results-driven and delivers.

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