Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) specializes in the delivery of complex project/programme at different platforms. Regardless the complexity of your project/programme Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) can help you by managing your projects/programmes and ensure quality results are delivered regardless your market segment, complexity of the project/programme and capacity.

With more than 12 years in project/programme management and delivery high quality of goods and services, Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) project/programme help you to efficiently and cost-effectively complete a project while running in parallel your other day to day operations.

Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) has more than 12 years of management experience in this field, working with different organizational types, including vendors, contractors, SMEs, Large OEMs and a variety of consultants on a range of different projects and platforms –Having all managed them successfully from concept to completion.

We can bring our project management solutions and skills to your organisation on an temporary, short, long term and cost-effective basis. Our approach is flexible and can be adapted to your organization’s needs.

Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) Project Management Solutions – From Concept to Successful Completion – Adaptable to Your Organisational Type, Platform & Your Needs.

Our Project Management Offering is Simple, Professional, Result Driven – Project Management Services For ALL

  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • Cost Management
  • Planning
  • Report Generation
  • Coaching