Strategy and Action Planning

Strategy and Action Planning

M.G.S.L. has the knowledge, the experience and the process to help your company develop strategies that reduce costs, risks and improve on profitability - We make strategies deliver on their promises.

Technology Strategy

Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) specializes in connecting your technology footmark with your business strategy to increase your productivity in the delivery of products and services, leading to business growth and high-class competitive advantage for your organisation. read more

Strategy Implementation and Control

Strategy Control Evaluation links not only the implementation process with your company’s value proposition but also proposing alternative solutions to overcome current obsticles that currently prevents your business model from reaching your desired situation. read more

Operations Strategy

Miran Green Services Limited (M.G.S.L.™) offers Superior Operational Planning which involves hands-on and state-of-the-art use of tools and methodologies in order to endorse the right strategy for your business. Our approach ensures closing the gap between your corporate strategy and successful implementation. read more

Corporate Strategy

We specialize in corporate strategy subcontracting where we evaluate your business model, internal and external ecosystem and merge our skills and successful process to design an incomparable corporate strategy, which will include measurements and control points made-to-measure your business needs. read more

Pricing Strategy and Structures

Yes, if your quality is good, your customer will pay for quality. Your customers will pay for unique services, features, benefits and all those distinctive characteristics that your product or service has however, the real question still remains – How much more? read more

Marketing Strategy

Miran Green Services Limited - M.G.S.L.™ - enables organizations to re-assess and improve their marketing strategy, evaluate their current strategic plans and produce dynamic and quantifiable marketing solutions - focused on fast wins instead of long term hard-wearing strategies. read more